SPICA 2008ETH Zurich

Conference Venue

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, ETH Zurich
Hauptgebäude Zentrum
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zurich

Arrival at Zurich airport

You can get to the city center either by taxi or by train. Since the train is almost as straightforward as the taxi, we recommend you the first one.


You can by a ticket at the ticket vending machines located at the top of the escalators, down to the train platforms. Short English instructions are on a neon red sticker on the machine; follow them or simply press the left red key from the bottom set of three, it says "Zurich City". The machine accepts coins as well as CHF 20 bills. Head down to the platforms 3 and 4. The trains to Zurich main station (Zurich HB) run approximately every 10 minutes. Listen to the German and English announcements. Some of them make intermediate stops but all of them take about 10 minutes.

Arrival at Zurich main station

After arriving at Zurich main station (Zürich HB), find your way to the station's main hall (Haupthalle in map_main_station.pdf). In six minutes with tram no. 6 (direction Zoo) from main station (Bahnhofstrasse) or with tram no. 10 (direction Oerlikon) from main station (Bahnhofplatz) to the stop ETH/Universitätsspital (the 3rd stop). You are now standing exactly opposite the main building of ETH Zurich (map ETH Zentrum).

In five minutes by foot or in three minutes with tram no. 3 from main station (Bahnhofplatz) to the stop Central (1 stop) and from Central with the Polybahn (leaves every three minutes) up to the Polyterrasse.


If you prefer a taxi, follow the corresponding signs. Tell the driver to let you off at ETH Zentrum at Raemistrasse 101. The ride costs around CHF 50.00.

Arrival by car

We don't recommend to come to Zurich by car, since parking sites are rare and expensive in Zurich, especially around ETH. If, however, you choose to come by car, make sure your hotel has a parking available.


PDF map Zurich main station

PDF map ETH Zentrum

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