SPICA 2008ETH Zurich

Special Symposium on Tuesday afternoon

Present and Future of Chromatography Purification

Case Study Presentations: 15 minutes each

  1. Small Molecules, K. Larson, AstraZeneca, Sweden
  2. Chiral Molecules, E. Freund, Carbogen-Amcis, Switzerland
  3. Peptides and Macrolides, B. Schenkel, Novartis, Switzerland
  4. Peptides, F. Vix, Roche, Switzerland
  5. Peptides, O. Lyngberg, BMS, USA
  6. Monoclonal Antibodies, J. Davies, Lonza Biologics, United Kingdom
  7. Monoclonal Antibodies, H. Kornmann, Merck Serono, Switzerland

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