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The Scientific Committee cordially invites you to Zurich in September 2008 to the 12th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques. SPICA 2008 is the 12th event in a series of symposia started in Paris in 1986. This has become over the past years a regular appointment for scientists and practitioners involved in the downstream processing of fine chemicals, natural products, drugs, food activities, flavors and aromas. The symposium covers various technologies including membranes, crystallization, filtration and extraction, with particular emphasis on chromatography. The considered topics range from modelling activities, to the development of preparative and large scale separation and purification processes and the assessment of new technologies or the combination of existing ones at the industrial scale. The focus will be both on small molecules as well as on large molecules, such as those of current interest in the development of new drugs, e.g. polypeptides and therapeutic proteins.

For everyone, chemists, engineers and biotechnologists involved with requirements on purity, yield and productivity this symposium will provide an ideal source of new ideas and of opportunity to interact with colleagues from both academia and industry.

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